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Mook Mane
Jackson, TN
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Richmond, VA
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We are looking for comedians to become “REP YOU CITY” reps for the 8Th Annual Comics Rock! Convention April 20-24, 2020.


Each year we have grown and with growth come streamlining. This year we’ve made some major updates in our marketing strategy to make our convention bigger than ever and of course we need your help.


Our goal for CRC 2020 is to get 500 comedians to register.  This is definitely possible.

All you have to do is:

Get the word out about the convention 2x a week (until April 2020) thru text, emails, social media, and videos promoting crc, video testimonies (if you’ve attended CRC before, please share it).  Pass out CRC flyers to all comedians in your city ( flyers will be mailed out to you next week).  Conference call once a mo w/ CRC staff to answer any questions you may have from comedians but you can feel free to call or email us anytime.  Be sure to tell the comics that you get to register to PUT YOUR NAME on their registration application.

This is what you get:
  • 20% off registration (any registration you pick) Email for discount code.

  • Listed as CRC rep on website w/contact info (please provide email or ph # if you want people to call you)

  • VIP Seating at all CRC “Special Events”

  • CRC Souvenir tote bag/backpack w/extra goodies

  • Recognized as a CRC Rep @ the Farewell Awards Luncheon

  • Get 10 comics to register – Free registration (if you paid for your registration already it will be refunded to you), 1 tour date w/ Hope Flood (summer 2020) 

  • Get 15 comics to register - Free registration and 2 tour dates w/ Hope Flood     (summer 2020)

  • Register 20 people - receive Free registration, 5 tour dates (summer 2020), includes:     airfare (for YOU only), free stay at airbnb/hotel, ground transportation, awarded  as CRC “REP YO CITY”rep of the year at our Farewell Awards luncheon.

Also to make things easier we will provide you with some social media imagery and excerpts you can use. Simply choose any of the different images, an excerpt, and then post/share it on all your social media platforms Boom, done!

I’m so grateful to have each of you on board and am excited to bring an amazing convention to our next generation of comedians. Let’s promote this registration campaign extensively.

Lastly, should any of you have questions please feel free to email us or


Thank you so much, for your time and for helping to make CRC 2020 a huge success!