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See what people are saying about the COMICS ROCK CONVENTION
Image by Pierre Bamin

I came to comics Rock when I was just over 2 years in the game.  There were so many informative classes. I learned so much. I met a lot of people from all over the country. I need people who haven’t started doing comedy yet and I met 20 year veterans. I will come back every year. The knowledge and networking I gained was worth it alone. Thanks Hope.

Charlie Mac


Since I was pretty quiet I'm not sure if you remember who I am. But I wanted to kinda wait until the smoke settled a little bit before I sent you this email. I want to thank you a million times over for extending the invitation to the FICA this year. I can go on and on about the things that I appreciated and got from the conference last week but most of all I appreciate the hospitality. I felt as if I came to LA to visit my aunt and she just put me up on game while i was there. There was not a time where I felt like you or anyone you had helping you was on some ol' Hollywood character business. You were a real person and you gave real tangible advice. I'm not going to make this long but I just wanted to take this time to thank you again. You sent me back to Oklahoma ready to take over. I plan to see you guys next year and if there's anything I can do on my end to help get the word out I am on it. Thanks, Hope

- ERIc Exum


I had so much fun this year at COMICS ROCK CONVENTION...I am bringing a friend to LA next year!

#1. I bought and paid for LAMONT FERRELL's SITCOM WRITING 101 (starts in November)

#2. I just interviewed for VOICE OVER CLASSES with XAVIER!  :-)

#3. I got to work with comics that I met at the convention. (AISHA) & now I'm filling in for SISTER LOU.

#4. I will be in New York December 5th on my way to MOROCCO. Doing HARLEM COMEDY CLUB.

#5. I also signed up for KENAN THOMPSON's Talent Search.






Your Sistah-In-Comedy



I've gone to 4 CRCs: two in LA and two in Atlanta and I've always come away with great information and networking experiences. 

The workshops are top notch and run the gamut of what a comedian needs to conduct themselves more "professionally".

I'd recommend this convention to anyone who is serious about their comedy career.


Comedian Donna Lewis 


I would like to piggy back off of Norma & Karen & say that I appreciated meeting you all. I noticed some cliques formed & some cliques inside of those cliques. Thats true networking. But the most impact didnt come from working with you all. It came from chilling with you & having fun. I cant wait til we do it again & I hope I dont have to wait until CRC 2015 to kick it with most of you. Anyone & everyone feel free to hit me up @ anytime.


“Hope, really learned a lot from last year’s convention. I have applied what I learned and getting many bookings this year. I hope that you can share something about paying taxes with an LLC so if I get audited by the IRS I will have everything together.”     

– Deborah Delk

“I am so looking forward to this opportunity. What an awesome thing you have done for women in comedy. It is such a blessing to network with people who have some of the same goals as you. Women get to showcase their talent and feel the love for our craft. Thank you.”


– Melissa Kennedy
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