See what people are saying about the COMICS ROCK CONVENTION

“Not just any ladies F I C A ladies ha, ha, ha. Hey chickys it’s Monique K. Met all the ladies last year from all over. Amazing event. This year bigger and better…ladies please be kind, patient, open to learn, humble, and the end of the day be thankful for all the hard work that was put in by all involved in this event....Be safe have a blast. See you all if you’re new can’t wait to meet you. If your returning can’t wait to reunite...”   

 – Monique K

“I can't wait for the convention. See you lovely ladies in April!”                                                                       

– Earrock Moore


Since I was pretty quiet I'm not sure if you remember who I am. But I wanted to kinda wait until the smoke settled a little bit before I sent you this email. I want to thank you a million times over for extending the invitation to the FICA this year. I can go on and on about the things that I appreciated and got from the conference last week but most of all I appreciate the hospitality. I felt as if I came to LA to visit my aunt and she just put me up on game while i was there. There was not a time where I felt like you or anyone you had helping you was on some ol' Hollywood character business. You were a real person and you gave real tangible advice. I'm not going to make this long but I just wanted to take this time to thank you again. You sent me back to Oklahoma ready to take over. I plan to see you guys next year and if there's anything I can do on my end to help get the word out I am on it. Thanks Hope

- ERIc Exum

“OMG! I had the absolute best experience at the 1st Annual FICC . I am so excited about the upcoming Convention and can't wait to get there. The first convention was jam packed with information. I learned so much that it completely changed my life. Since that time I have established and am continually developing my brand JUST JOKES USA. I have promoted 2 major comedy show events; started an weekly radio show and starred in a comedy play and an comedy web series. I LOVE FICA and the visionary who has selfishly given of herself to make this happen for Females In Comedy! FICA4Life”                 

 – Niki Moore

I would like to piggy back off of Norma & Karen & say that I appreciated meeting you all. I noticed some cliques formed & some cliques inside of those cliques. Thats true networking. But the most impact didnt come from working with you all. It came from chilling with you & having fun. I cant wait til we do it again & I hope I dont have to wait until CRC 2015 to kick it with most of you. Anyone & everyone feel free to hit me up @ anytime.


“Hope, really learned a lot from last year’s convention. I have applied what I learned and getting many bookings this year. I hope that you can share something about paying taxes with an LLC so if I get audited by the IRS I will have everything together.”     

– Deborah Delk

“I am so looking forward to this opportunity. What an awesome thing you have done for women in comedy. It is such a blessing to network with people who have some of the same goals as you. Women get to showcase their talent and feel the love for our craft. Thank you.”                

– Melissa Kennedy