2017 Comics Rock Convention(CRC)-APRIL 26-30, 2017


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Join us for our 6TH Annual  Comics Rock Convention!  This event has served as a "must attend" convention for aspiring comedians, actors and producers to network and showcase their talents. It is a life-changing experience and lends space for Comedians to develop their craft.  It does not matter if you are a newbie or a seasoned vet, the Comics Rock Convention has something for you and with great takeaways.




This is an excellent platform to gain firsthand knowledge and information needed to be successful in the entertainment industry. We are excited to be back another year with new workshops ,seminars, events & showcase clubs.

You don't want to miss the 2017 Comics Rock Convention. 

D.L. Hughley on the Comics Rock! Convention

 What attendees are saying about the Comics Rock Convention!

   My life and career has changed so much from the knowledge, energy and friendships I  took away from the Comics Rock Convention. You are a amazing person and that proof was manifested thru the convention. Thank you thank you again for giving me Hope!!!  Chelly  Chel

I want to sincerely thank you for being true to your word when you said in an email "It will change your life!" It most certainly have, and I left with a greater confidence that a consistent career in comedy is possible!  I had very little knowledge of the business side and was often intimidated by the information I would find while trying to navigate my way through comedy.  The CRC convention was a one stop shop! I am excited about applying the knowledge I've gained, and I pray that means our paths will cross on a stage somewhere on the future.  I had to get back to my children, so I hate that I was unable to bid you all "adieu" properly, but best believe I am already creating a strategy for my comedy career...something I never put any thought into.  Your convention helped me gain focus and intention, again something I never thought of.  I was happy that someone would even call me for a show.  I now have the right tools that, when applied, I can go after what I want instead of just taking what is served.  From my entire heart, THANK YOU AGAIN!!   Aisha Gunn

This convention has been the absolute highlight of my comedic career. I've learned priceless information on what this business is all about. I just want to thank you for doing all of this and allowing me to be apart of this amazing event. Dominque Davis

Words cannot express how much we needed this convention. The right people were in the room and provided the right amount of information that has left us both inspired and fired up. We cannot tell you how often we came to tears or wanted to jump out of our seats. It was emotional and tiring, but what we learned is certainly going to make us better comics and better entertainment professionals.We are so grateful for this opportunity and can't wait to see you next year! This convention has to happen annually and we will do what we can to help bring/send some resources your way for it. Pisces Life

  “I am truly thankful for the opportunity to attend this event! As a 'newbie' to stand-up, I expect to learn so much. Hope, thank you for bringing your vision to life and sharing it with others. Looking forward to meeting you all!”   – Stacy C

     "Hello Hope, I didn't have any expectations when I went on road, I was open so I could learn everything that I could. I learned that you must take care of yourself to travel from city to city. I also, learned that you must have someone that you trust and that is responsible that can handle things at home for you because if you don't that add extra stress to being on the road. I already knew that after a show many comedians wait around to get paid, so I expected that. I was impressed when we performed in Raleigh and you got paid before you went on stage, I had never seen that before. I like how you handled the promoters and your business savvy. The first night we performed I wasn't expecting to get paid, so when Mocha gave me some money I was surprised, but I know it was because of you. My experience was a good one the only thing that dampered my trip was all the stuff I had going on at home. Going on the road with you was very informative, especially when we were in Charleston, learned so much from  just listening to you, Shaun, and Mocha talk about the business of comedy. I'm not sure if there is anything that you should do differently because if a person truly wants to be a comedian and travel, then they are going to have to see the good and the bad. They really need to see all that is involved with traveling from city to city and checking in and out of hotels or waiting to check in the hotel because that is what they are going to encounter. I would definitely go again, you really care about us and you take care of us on the road. I truly appreciate you and all that you have done to help us in comedy."  - LaShawn

     “Hope, really learned a lot from last year’s convention. I have applied what I learned and getting many bookings this year. I hope that you can share something about paying taxes with an LLC so if I get audited by the IRS I will have everything together.”   – Deborah Delk

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.."when you meet someone in this business who always keeps their word its rare and this woman is one of the few so far I can say does it with no reservation...she not only honors the craft, but cultivates relationships within business...not a lot of comedians, veteran or otherwise, can make that claim...love you, Ms. Flood...thank you for everything you've taught me about this grind...whether it's business or personal you always give it to me unfiltered and I appreciate that...respect "...-Jaye Devan

If I had this information 30 years ago I wonder where would I be.......Thea Vidale