Here we go again - Comics Rock Convention is coming back to you…

(In my Isley Bros singing voice) 



The 8th Annual Comics Rock Convention (CRC), April 20-24, 2020 in beautiful

Los Angeles, California.


One of the Dopest, Most Informative, Educational Comedy Conventions Ever!

For those of you that have attended CRC in the past, you know that I said 2017 was the last year lol, but let’s be honest it's needed and (not to mention I’ve been harassed and bullied by some of the comics who’ve attended and didn't want  to see it end ).


But at the end of the day, I realized it’s my Assignment, it's part of my "Comedy Legacy," and it is my Humble Duty and Honor!

  • It’s above me now!

  • I want to see us finding our “GIFTS,” stirring them up.

  • I want to see US WIN! CRC will def do that!

So What I've done was take 30 years of what I've learned (or didn’t learn)  and put it into workshops/seminars all taught by Veteran Comedians and Industry experts that's going to teach you this business, help you to grow as a comedian, focus on what’s important to you, and give you your "AHA" moment.

The networking with applaudable comedians from all over the country, the workshops/seminars, meeting some of your favorite Celebrities, the showcases at LA’s Mainstream Comedy Clubs are just some of the things you will get out of attending the Comics Rock Convention 2020. 

Join us for a life-changing convention for comedians no matter how long you’ve been in the comedy game CRC will Enlighten you and take your career to the NEXT LEVEL!! 


If you missed the last 7 years please don't miss THIS COMICS ROCK CONVENTION.

It's Bigger, Better, more informative, more networking, more showcases, more workshops/seminars & just more!!!

Don’t Wait! Register Now before all the Showcase spots are gone!

Check out the entire site. Check back weekly for updates. Share this convention with other comedians so they can come for themselves because what Happens at CRC, stays at CRC!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call 310-692-1510 or email us: info@comicsrockconvention.com


I can’t wait to see you all!!! 


I know you missed me (in my Boy George singing voice)!



Your Sista’ in Comedy